Semi Permanent Makeup Eyebrows - Eyebrow Tattooing

Duration (mins) Special Offer Now On Full Price Course
Semi Permanent Makeup Eyebrows 90 - 120 £300 £285 only 2 appointment(s) left £375
Colour Boost (Top Up) 90 £120 £199
Free consultation is available. Patch test is normally required 24 hours before the procedure. A deposite of £50 will be charged should you wish to proceed with the procedure after the consultation.

Semi permanent Eyebrows or Eyebrow Tattooing

Anyone who requires emphasis of the eyebrows will love this procedure and the time save never having to pencil again.

Once the procedure is completed you can swim, play sports or just lie in the sun without the worry of ever losing your brows. Choose between a soft textured look or hair simulation. If you have no brow hair or sparse brows due to over-plucking, then the difference balanced brows can make is amazing.

The procedure will also add delicate natural looking hair stokes to your existing natural brows which is particularly benefit clients with spares or non-existent eyebrows. You also have choices between soft texture look, hair simulation or a bold powdered look.

Difference between Microblading and Micro-pigmentation

Microblading is a permanent makeup technique that falls under the guidelines of tattoo artistry. Eyebrow Embroidery and 3D Feather Hair Stroke methods are all applications of Microblading. Microblading is a relatively new, manual method of tattooing. It is considered to be semi-permanent, as compared to the traditional hairstroke techniques done with a machine. It is done using a very fine blade to deposit pigments into the dermis. Micropigmentation is permanent eyebrow tattooing or semi-permanent makeup method. This method is done with a digital machine. The colour is implanted deeper into the skin-known as the dermal layer. It lasts longer than Microblading or Eyebrow Embroidery method. Micropigmentation only needs to be re-touched every 2 to 5 years, sometimes longer. The skin does take slightly longer to heal being that is was done with a digital pen therefore the treated area needs aftercare ointment for approximately a week. The appointment time for this procedure is approximately 2 hours. This procedure lasts longer and costs more. Also, while Microblading focuses almost only on eyebrows Micro-pigmentation can be applied to other areas such as eyeliners, lips and scalp. Here at Skinskin we do Micro-pigmentation as it provides better results than Mircroblading.

Free consultation and patch testing

We provide free of charge no obligation consultation to address your questions and concerns. We will also discuss your request and assess face shape and colour.

A patch test 24 hours prior the treatment is essential. The patch test is a crucial routine procedure to ensure the client does not have an allergic reaction to the anaesthetic and hypo allergenic pigment. The test is offered free of charge and only take a few moments.

So why not contact us now for a FREE of charge NO obligation consultation?

Pre treatment advice

Apart from the general advice before the treatment, the following advice should also be taken into consideration before your semi permanent eyebrow procedure.


  • Electrolysis treatments should be performed no less than 2 weeks prior to your procedure.
  • IPL laser hair removal should be performed no less than 2 weeks prior to your procedure.
  • Eyebrows hair stimulating products should not be used for 4 weeks prior to your procedure.
  • Eyebrows tinting should be performed no less than 4 weeks prior to your procedure.
  • Muscle relaxant treatments in the brow region should be performed no less than 2 weeks pre procedure.
  • Waxing and threading treatments should be performed no less than 1 week prior to your procedure.

Important Facts


  • You must be over 18.
  • You cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You must be well on the day of your procedure. Discuss with your technician if you have any doubts.
  • You will need two treatments, 4-6 weeks apart.
  • For the best possible results and to avoid complications, always follow the aftercare advice given by your technician.